Sleepy Dragonfly's Fishing Adventures

Starring: Sleepy Dragonfly
Your host, Sleepy D and his guest star, Little C.
The Superfly
And The Yellow Damselfly!


    Hi!   I am Sleepy D and I am a fishing fanatic.

My adorable guest star is my daughter, Little C.  She is the reason that this site and our YouTube channel began. When she turned four years old,  I decided it was time to teach her to fish.

I was once religiously on the lake at least once a week, but had set it aside until she could go too.

I bought a Beavertail Final Attack duck boat from an ad on CraigsList. It was perfect, (so I thought). It only weighed 75 lbs so could be car topped, it had an operating weight of 420lbs, was 14" deep, and had a cushion of 12" all the way around the cockpit so that Little C could not try to take a header into the drink without me having enough time to snag her first.  I fully intended to just row that sucker around the three "no gasoline" lakes around me. I would have been content.


She awakened the creative monster that lives within me and the Sleepy Dragonfly was born!

Later, I met a guy that gave me a taste of kayak fishing. I was hooked. I found my first kayak on letgo and turned it into a superyak and dubbed it The Superfly. I later acquired a kids kayak that Little C calls Tinkerbell and another adult kayak that I call the Yellow Damselfly. Now I am on a roll. My superyak is getting it's final retrofit and then I hope to not go a week without it tasting water.

I have a 12' windsurf board that I am contemplating turning into a 500lb capacity kayak for my friends and guests that are a little more robust or like to take the kitchen sink too.

I may make it convertible from one man to two.

I look forward to you joining us on our fishing adventures and I hope you look forward to my next mods!

Stone mountain lake, Lake Lanier, Lake Ozora, Elder Lake, Lake Allatoona, Lake Arrowhead, Hartwell, and Fort Yargo are some of our destinations.
The Sleepy Dragonfly had simple beginnings.
Little C captains "Tinkerbell"
And so did The Superfly!
The Yellow Damselfly is a beast at 250lbs weight capacity.
Created by Dalton Sexton