What's Going on now...

Little C got her first taste of night kayak fishing.
She is completely comfortable on her tinkerbell.
Fat Larry was laughing at us, but we had a blast anyway.

I have launched our first line of merchandise sporting the SleepyDragonfly.com logo. Click here to go to the store!

Click on the men's drop down tab or the top left menu to change departments from men's to women's, kids, or accessories!

The Superfly's power trim and power steering rudder is complete.

I just scored an old school windsurfing board for $28! Thank you Jason!

This board will serve as the base for my next kayak build.


The YouTube channel quality is about to hit a whole new level. I finally have settled on an editor that I like and I have been taking the time to learn more about production. Guess what, YOU, my loyal viewers, and not just I, are the ones who benefit from this development.

Expect more entertaining videos and a tighter release schedule to take place.

On the right side of my seat is my horn button powering 120 decibles of "HERE I AM!"
Just behind my left side is an easily accessible manual reset breaker for my trolling motor.
I was pleased to realize that my bow mounted horn made a great base for my camera mount!

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Created by Dalton Sexton