What's Going on now...

The view from my new seat includes my lowrance hook 5 tripleshot, my front tackle box sporting ten 3600 series trays, and my camera.
To my right is easy access to my bait knife, collapsible cup holder, and my 10 slot mini blade fusebox.
To my left is my 12v accessory outlet and 5 toggle switches. My motor speed control will reside here as well.

I have made a new custom trolling lure that I will try in the near future.

Here is a link to the details on facebook..

The mods to The Damselfly are coming right along... Is that a Kayak or a new breed of jet powered flying tiger?!
Take notice of the control lever beside the seat. That will control the forward and reverse of the 30lb thrust trolling motor.
I decided to take this build to the next level. I am adding the last few layers, then I will sand in the final shape then fiberglass the finished product!
Now that I have used The Damselfly for a season, I have chose today to do some optimizations. This is how it looked when I started today.
I have installed the beginning of a pole / device panel bar which incorporates additional back support and a lure drying / swapping rack. The caps are temporary. I have also shortened the crate.
I moved the outrigger mounts from the crate to the physical hull. Now they are rock solid. There is a 12v power bank and quick lugs to add accessories on the back of the crate. Under the orange grate is the battery and wiring.
The battery is now permanently installed, the lights have a switch, and I have created a charger in my trunk that will keep the battery charged at all times through the 12v bank that is isolated from the switch and is always live.

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Created by Dalton Sexton